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hi, my name is cyrus! my last name is pronounced gair-uh-maw-knee.

you may know my work as senior vice president / head of live video at SUPER DELUXE. our 700 hours of interactive streaming was called “the future of television” by the LA Times and “the smartest dumb thing on the internet” by the LA Weekly. they’re both right!

i’ve also contributed original compositions to several programs on Adult Swim and Comedy Central (including Kroll Show, The Eric Andre Show, and Another Period), and have recorded and toured with artists like Snoop DoggShannon and the Clams, and Man Man.

He's a genius. I'm a fan of Cyrus and I'm a fan of Hot Karate and he can just do anything. More than one comment regarding the bass playing on "Abracadabralifornia" has said, literally 'I feel bad for Flea because he has to play these dope bass lines over shitty lyrics.' So, basically, Cyrus plays bass so well that people think he is Flea.
Jon Daly [to Village Voice]
actor, comedian (Kroll Show, Zoolander 2)
Even if he's making a jokey version of a 'bad song', they end up being really great songs... "Ottawanna Go to Bed" is a fun pop song that I genuinely like, and when we were shooting the video, I was like, "I wanna fucking get down to this song." It really works for me.
Nick Kroll [to Pitchfork]
actor (The League), comedian
Cyrus is really brilliant about how he can put together a whole soundscape very fast.
Brett Gelman [to Paste Magazine]
actor (Eagleheart, Married), comedian
Cyrus Ghahremani. That dude’s a fucking genius. It’s really incredible when you look at what he was able to do. This album would be a complete disaster if he wasn’t at the helm.
Joe Mande [to Splitsider]
comedian, writer (Parks & Recreation)
Cyrus Ghahremani, who fronts L.A. rock band Hot Karate and composes music for Adult Swim shows and the Earwolf podcast network, made Internet magic.
Brilliantly subtle ... an exceptional Internet jokester.

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December 11, 2017
“overachiever” but they mean it as a compliment

Hey, I won an award! Cablefax has named me on their ‘Overachievers Under 30’ list for 2017.

“Cablefax’s Overachievers Under 30 honors today’s rising stars working in the fast-paced worlds of cable, broadcast, tech and digital.”

Pretty neat. There are a lot of great, talented people named. Thank you!

Check out my horrible headshot on the list here.

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June 24, 2017
LA Times: “shaping the future of television”

“How do you say ‘future?’ ” asked Cyrus Ghahremani, 30, head of Super Deluxe’s live programming group, who doubles as the telenovela’s baritone announcer. A bilingual colleague provided the Spanish pronunciation. “Futuro, futuro,” Ghahremani practiced before delivering his line.

“We are used to being able to tune out by flipping through our social media feeds,” he said. “But this [program] is something that you have to be engaged with.”

Check out the full article here!

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June 23, 2017
featured speaker, vidcon innovation showcase

Today I was featured in the ‘innovation showcase’ at VidCon, which is a nightmare convention for YouTube tweens. I was on a panel along with top producers from Conde Nast, Vice, and Portal A to discuss the state of internet video with a guy from Google. It seems every content factory thinks views are the most important metric. I’m not a fan of this perspective. Views can be bought. If you want to make something with any sort of cultural impact, you have to put engagement first. Make something that people talk about and always encourage them to take a side.

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